Do you have style?

The word “style” conjures different strokes for different folks. Some live and die by style, piecing their days together with their closet first, then coffee, then work. Others roll out of bed and attack the day… in their pajamas.

So when it comes to Personal Branding, what does style have to do with it?

In a word? Everything.

As a gawky girl, raised by hard-working, self-made parents who never lived outside their means, being fashionable was always something I felt intimidated by (and didn’t care much about). Despite the fact that we lived in an affluent community, my mother taught me the value of a coupon clip — and the joyful rush of a fabulous TJ Maxx find — before she ever spoke a word about fashion designers or what it meant to dress like a lady.

As an adult, I have developed my own unique fashion sense, but I am still very much that girl who could care less about a label. It’s how I feel in the clothes. It’s how I feel about my own personal style, which translates to my Personal Brand.

Because your Personal Brand has its own label. What's yours?

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