Just for one day, laugh at yourself. Be kinder to yourself every time you get the urge to start that bullshit negative self-talk that doesn’t get you anywhere.

Stop meeting every thought with resistance. Open yourself up to making mistakes and then embrace those mistakes to live a more forgiving, happier, prosperous life that goes with the flow.

Not against it.

Own who you are, just as you are. Because working, living and loving from an authentic place is always better than the pretty filter we slap onto the digital version.

Lean into the mess. Examine it. Realize that perfection is boring, that reaching “there” keeps you unhappy. Accept where you are. Let that be enough.

And of course we all want to keep striving. We all want to reach goals and have something to work for. Keep making plans to go further, but when you get there, when you feel like you’ve had enough, remember that you can simply enjoy the view without scrambling to reach the next one.

You’re a person, not a robot.

Embrace every layer so that your life — this beautiful, ugly, magical complex existence — becomes an adventure you ride, not a routine you struggle through.

And a blooper reel.

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