Here’s another little secret: Overcoming that insecurity never gets easier. I constantly struggle with overcoming it on a daily basis.
But the good news is this: Fear is a gift.
Fear fuels you. It empowers you. It moves you. It demands you to be braver, more confident, to work harder, to dig deeper, to learn faster, to humble yourself and to faithfully believe in your dreams no matter what.
When I got that fateful message from my best friend’s husband, it was the first time I had let someone else’s acknowledgment of my apparent “courage” soak in. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I was able to say to myself, “Yeah… I guess I really do have balls.” It also got me thinking. As I mentioned, I feel a quiet panic behind every big step I take, so how do I move forward despite it all?
I had to break this down.
And so, I have put together three soulful and pragmatic tips that have truly helped me along my fear-laden journey. I encourage you to dabble with these ideas, so that you can find your balls, step into your truth and shine. Read them here.

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