Last week, I was sitting on a panel on entrepreneurship with four other highly accomplished people. During the Q&A portion, a gentleman stood up and point blankly said:

“All five of you have sat up here for the last thirty minutes or so, talking about your wins and your successes. But I’m more interested in your failures and what you learned from that.”

I wanted to hug him.

The panelists went down the row, sharing one “failure” after the next. I was the last to go. As the other speakers carried on, I was quickly ruminating, racking my brain for the one pinnacle story of soul-shattering defeat where I hit rock bottom, only to ascend like a phoenix. I was in panic mode. I couldn’t think of just one.

Because, the truth is, I fail every single day.

In some small way, I mess up, miss the mark, wince at my sloppiness with an email, regret my reactiveness with an employee, berate myself for saying yes when I really wanted to say no or harshly judge myself for simply having an “off” day.

Here’s the thing about failure: I don’t believe in it. In my book, you either win or you learn. And if you “fail,” it’s for one single reason:

You are human.

That night made me realize that just because I happened to be sitting on a chair in front of an audience, I was potentially perceived as some kind of flawless, know-it-all, expert entrepreneur. Any person on the planet is worthy of sitting on a panel and sharing their story. And those stories are even moreworthy of hearing when people share their truths.

This truth, your messy truth, is one of your strongest assets in building your Personal Brand.

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