“Measure your success by how much fun you’re having.”
— Gabby Bernstein

Confession: I love the woo woo.

I live for it.

I carry lucky crystals in my wallet, burn incense in my office, pull Angel cards on the regular and pay close attention to the moon cycle. But sometimes, I even question: What the heck does this all actually net?

As of late, this curiosity has fortuitously led me to the spiritual and scientific theories of the Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics. I have gotten hooked on Abraham Hicks and am absorbing books, videos and podcasts, trying to make sense of the real impact of this seemingly “woo woo” stuff.

The more I dig, the easier it’s become to digest. I have been quietly applying these “Universal Laws” since the beginning of the year, and so far -2017 has been the most successful and abundant year of my life.

I’m not sharing this to be braggadocious. I am sharing this so you can experience the positive results YOU are looking for. And guess what? It’s totally, completely, utterly, 100 percent possible to create the life you desire.

Lemme break this down.

The only thing in this entire world that we actually can control is our own thoughts.
Not the weather.
Not the stock market.
Not the government.
And certainly not other people.

These thoughts in our own minds create something called our emotions. (Familiar with these?) Emotions cause our bodies to physically react.

For example: When you’re sad, you cry. When you’re nervous, your stomach flips. When you’re happy, you smile a little bigger and skip while you walk. (At least I do).

These physical reactions, caused from our emotions, derived from our thoughts, formed in our brain, ultimately produce vibrations.

And like attracts like.

(We’re talking about spirit AND science, remember?)

So if you’re vibrating sadness and negativity, then that’s what you’ll attract. If you’re vibrating glee and positive energy, guess what you get? A whole lot of rainbows and sparkles.

What does this have to do with your personal brand and business?

Absolutely, positively everything. The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics don’t rely on your intensity, but your frequency.

This is the golden ticket to getting everything you want.

When you stop “striving” and “pushing” and “reaching” for the next big client, press hit, do-or-die meeting or growth metric, and you simply evoke thoughts and beliefs (and therefore emotions) that what you want is already on its way — that’s when it actually shows up.
I’m not saying that smart strategy, due diligence or technical applications don’t matter. But your attitude about it all matters more.

And it all starts with joy.

You see, all that jargon you constantly hear about “positive vibes” is much more than just new-age, millennial crap intended to sell you the next Spiritual Gangster tee. It’s a principle that can impact your happiness, your brand and your bottom line.

You need to identify the vibration of the feeling you’re seeking FIRST, become it, vibrate it, SimplyBe it in order to see the results in your life show up. And when they do, I bet you a Benjamin Franklin that it shows up in ways bigger and better than you could have possibly imagined.

So, assuming you want to feel good instead of bad, rich instead of poor, free instead of caged, inspired instead of blocked, fun instead of lame, let’s dissect the vibration of joy and how you get there.

Joy is contagious.

Have you ever been in a really great mood and then run into someone who was so down on life, that they brought you down too? Well, joy is like that. If you are joyful, if you surround yourself with joyful people, good sh*t happens. It really is that simple. Every time you interact, you have a choice: Do I approach this with joy or annoyance? Am I going to inter-act joyfully or re-act negatively? Joy is about consistency. Consistently practice joy.

Joy is magnetic.

Like attracts like. If you’re Debbie Downer, chances are you’re going to attract other DDs. If you’re broke, tired, sick or annoyed, you don’t have to look far to be in good company. But when you raise your emotional state to reflect joy, it truly is magnetic. Your enhanced state will attract other magnetized people, opportunities and emotions that mirror exactly where you want to go.

Joy is the lubricant to abundance.

Being abundant means different things to different people. More than anything, abundance is a feeling, generated by the gratitude and fullness you experience in daily life. If you feel joyful, even when your car breaks down, even when you miss a golden opportunity, you start to break the pattern of emotional emptiness (i.e. the suck that is negative thinking). Being joyful brings abundance to your mental state, which transforms into your physical reality. It’s all about consistency of thought. Start stringing together more joyful seconds, hours, days and weeks, and your life will show you things you never thought possible.

Joy is waiting for you.

Joy is already here. In the life you live now, in the place you are right this second. Just as all the money in the world already exists, all of your successes already exists too. The only thing you have to do is believe it. That’s it. You have to have faith that you can have success, believe in what you cannot see and understand that feeling joyful is a choice, just like feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy. Choose joy.

At the end of the day, it’s not about being perfect or feeling happy all the time. It’s about recognizing your patterns, moving to a higher vibration and leaning into Universal Intelligence, which already knows that you can have anything you want if you just believe it.

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