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Well, here we are.

After so many of you have followed me from Cheeky Chicago to SimplyBe to my travel blogs to podcasts, and now, here, to JessicaZweig.com, I want to fill you in on what it is I’ve been doing and what it means that you’re here, now, reading this.

For the last year, I’ve been working my tail off: for clients, with partners, in my “off” time, in bed, in coffee shops, between meetings, at the office, on planes… Building a business often means you’re all in, and my journey has been no exception. While I’ve eked out a few around-the-world trips this past year, consulting, exploring, and launching various workshops, I realized something:

In all of that work, I somehow forgot about me.

Yes, I’ve worked hard to build a brand. From launching one of Chicago’s most successful women’s digital magazines, to making a six-figure salary while traveling the globe for a billion-dollar corporation, to launching SimplyBe 1.0 to SimplyBe 2.0, THIS site is the true culmination of how far I’ve come and all the value I want to share with my audience: YOU.

Sometimes, it takes saying yes to almost everything to figure out what you should have said no to. I really got clear after I went on my Alonemoon to Costa Rica. Clear that I needed to follow my heart’s desire to build my own platform; clear about sharing not only my “subject matter expertise” on personal branding, marketing, and entrepreneurship, but letting people inside of my life again; clear to talk about the things that I’m afraid to talk about, to open up about the things that aren’t so polished, pretty, and professional.  Clear that it was time to let the real Jessica shine through.

After all, if I am going to build personal brands for the top entrepreneurs and execs in the world, I have to be able to walk my own walk, right?

So think of this as your digital AirBnB, where you can learn about business, travel, self-growth, and even self-doubt. (All the things I grapple with every single damn day of my life.) And how to use all of those attributes (AKA: your unapologetic authenticity) to build a business and a LIFE that is tailor-made for you.

Because isn’t that really what it’s all about?


“If you are your authentic self, you have no competition.” 

- Scott Stratten


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