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It’s time to head back to Nosara, Costa Rica.

So, last week I shared the real reason I sojourned to this surf & yoga town all on my own…and things got pretty vulnerable. And while it certainly felt good (and necessary) to expose the profound nature of this life-changing trip, my writing about Nosara didn’t feel complete. Nosara is a part of my heart now (I already booked my 2018 trip back!), and there was just so much more to share about this obscure and magical little village than my own story.

I wanted to share some of Nosara’s story.

So let’s sojourn back there together shall we, and explore the places to stay, places to eat, drink, shop,  play, see live music and spot A-list celebrities who might be hanging out in the jungle juice bars you’re hanging out in too.  This list also provides insights why Nosara is a prime location for any woman wanting to take her own Alonemoon. I have never felt safer, more connected and cared for as a woman alone as I did in Nosara.

So, you ready? Let’s do this


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

I stayed at the Bodhi Tree for a week, and I could have stayed there for a month and never left the property. Why would you need to, with three yoga shalas with ten yoga classes a day taught by world class teachers, an organic juice bar with options like Chakra Cleansing Juices with turmeric and smoothies made with almond milk and cacao, a pristine infinity pool, breakfast-lunch-and-dinner made with local produce, the most loving staff who treated me like I was part of their family, a funky boutique with original Costa Rican designs and Spiritual Gangster swag, a world class spa that included spiritual and Ayurvedic services and a king size suite with a full porch and an outdoor bathroom? Seriously. Would YOU ever want to leave?

Harmony Hotel Nosara (

Harmony Hotel

On the main Nostra “strip” (if you can even call it that), sits this retro hotel set far back in the jungle. While I didn’t stay here, I did spend quite a bit of time in their restaurant (imbibing on the freshest spring rolls of my life), sipping Watermelon Lemon & Basil slushies, checking out their on-premise yoga classes and celebrity-spotting Julianne Moore, who was staying there with her family. NBD.


Love Nosara Store

Love, Nosara

This was by far one of the coolest boutiques I have ever shopped at. Part art gallery, part outdoor jungle gym, part shop – this local gem sells original designs for men, women and kids crafted with the softest fabrics sourced from local purveyors. I stopped here three times to pick up bracelets, yoga tanks and to chat with the kind owners, who made me feel a part of the community, not a tourist. Love, Nosara is a MUST. 

Bazzar Nosara_Inside Elsewhere

The Bazzar

Entering the Bazaar is like entering a Bohemian’s high-end utopia. Delicate layering necklaces, dangling earrings and silver and gold bracelets adorned with Hamsas and moons made from semi-precious stones decorate the front of the store. Fringe purses and designer white gauzy dresses hang from bamboo hangers, making it evident the shop is owned by a really talented stylist. Blink and you might miss the Bazzar, as it’s a tiny cottage set back in the jungle.


La Luna Nosara Costa Rica

La Luna

La Luna can be qualified as one of the few “fine dining” restaurants in Nosara, although everything in this town is quite casual. It’s the setting that makes La Luna so spectacular, set right on the beach so you can catch the sunset while you sip rose and devour Mediterrean inspired dishes like mezze plates, whole snapper and a Costa Rican specialty: plantains and guacamole.

El Chivo

GIVE ME ALL THE TACOS. This Mexican bar was bumping on the night I stopped by, given it was “Taco Tuesday.” Packed with locals, tourists, families, even dogs running around the joint, the service was on point, the Palomas were strong and the butter poached shrimp and fried fish tacos were some of the best I have ever had in my life. It was at El Chivo, were I sat more like a fly-on-the-wall observer, that I realized just how connected and unique this incredible community truly is.

Beach Dog Café

One thing that I appreciated so much about Nosara was its affinity for live music. You can catch it almost any night of the week, across hotel bars, dives and restaurants. To my good fortune, I stumbled into the Beach Dog on their open mic night. The house band welcomes any performer or instrumentalist to either join them, or take the stage entirely on their own. Beach Dog is clearly an “in” place, as it was packed with young tourists, friendly locals and the warmest staff you could ask for as a solo female sitting alone in a bar.

As I mentioned last week, people thought I was crazy going across the world on my own. I’m usually traveling with my girlfriends, and those trips are always fun and fabulous, but different…

To be honest, I can’t wait to explore as many places as possible with just…Jessica. And while there are endless places to see in this world, and I want to cover as much terrain as possible, Nosara is one of the few places I see myself coming back to year after year, time and time again. Very few places have had quite that effect on my heart.  And so Nosara, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for calling me. Thank you for changing me. And thank you for calling me back.