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As Turkey Day is behind us, I had time to think about what matters—in life and business. For today’s Top 3, I wanted to skip the lines for Black Friday take a moment to give thanks. Because gratitude isn’t reserved for just one day per year.

A Team Effort

Though it’s obvious, I’m grateful for my SimplyBe team. These women exemplify our core values every single day. They’re kind, they’re bold, they’re relevant, and true. They lift each other up, and me.


In a world riddled with divorce rates, it’s important to remember one thing: You define your own relationship. My husband and I have a marriage that is completely defined by us. We are both comfortable with our independence. We support each other. He lets me stand in my own power. He's never held me back.

Honor the relationships in your life that lift you up and don’t fall prey to comparison.

All About Love

Everything begins and ends with love. Its power. Its fragility. Its strength. I recently had an experience where my understanding of love was completely transformed. When you look at everything through the lens of love, you realize that there is nothing to be forgiven.

As you continue to celebrate this holiday season, know that all of these wonderful things come from being true to yourself. They require good work, a keen eye, and most of all, gratitude