This past August, I got all dolled up (AKA: hired a legit glam squad), curated a couple killer outfits (with the help master stylist Tali Kogan), dropped a pretty penny on professional photography powerhouse, VibeTribe, and took a full day off of work to capture headshots for my website and brand photos for my Instagram.

Some might call me vain.

I call myself a media channel.

Guess what? You’re a media channel, too.

We all are if we choose to be.

Guys, it’s 2018. It’s high time we stop demonizing the Internet and embracing it for the powerful, wondrous tool it can be for us to spread good and do good.

Given that fact, here’s another newsflash: looks matter. To be specific—your looks matter.

Not in a superficial way, but in a purely practical sense. Which is why you’ve got to get serious about your headshots. If you don’t think headshots are important, here’s a word for ya:


Clients, employers, partners, candidates, and even dates are always going to do their homework on you. I always say that the real ROI of a personal brand is the ability to “sell yourself” without technically having to open up your mouth. As RuPaul recently said: “If you have control over how people interpret you, why not use it?”

So ask yourself: Are your photos…

  • current?

  • professional?

  • reflective?

  • flattering?

  • expressive?

I am NOT saying one has to go ‘all out’ as I did back in August. A lot of my clients have—like Patrick Cullen of BeginAnyway, Reverend Lola Wright, and Tegan Trovato—and it’s working for them. (They are receiving inbound inquiries from the right clients and daily opportunities.)

I receive these kind of inquiries too. Take a look around my website, brand assets, and Instagram, and you’ll see that everything is consistent, cohesive, and branded. The best part about it all: a couple hours from a photoshoot will power years of visual communication. That kind of investment is truly invaluable.

I understand that not everyone has the time, resources, and inclination. And yet, if you work (which I am going to safely assume you that you do), I recommend considering incorporating headshots into your professional game.

A couple ways to approach this could be:

  • Call up a friend who loves to take photos

  • Find an Insta-photographer looking to build their portfolio

  • Hire a professional

  • Join me in Bali March 15-20 for a full day of FREE headshots on this magical island.**

** For real though.

As you might know, I’m hosting SimplyBe Magic Masterminds this year, which are three retreats taking place in luxury destinations across the globe. “The Tribe of the Divine Feminine” in Canggu Bali is around the counter, and we just launched the “Be You. Brand True” BONUS DAY. 

If you book a stay in our 5-star villa by February 5th, you’ll receive a complimentary night and a full-day photo shoot with our professional photographer to capture new headshots, brand assets, and social media images. To take your photos to the next level, we will have hair stylists and makeup artists onsite as well, all completely complimentary.

Like, WHOA.

We only have a few spots available in the villa, and we know these final spots with the Bonus Day will get swooped up! Make this the year you invest in YOU. Reserve your spot here.

Lastly, whether you join us in Bali or not, if you do move forward with headshots this year, remember this: make it matter.

On the day of your shoot, it’s essential that you:

  • Feel your best

  • Dress to impress

  • Get your hair did

  • Invest in a makeup artist who specializes in headshots

Want more info on headshots, Bali’s BONUS Day, or any of our upcoming masterminds? Email the SimplyBe Team at! We’re help to make sure you rock your look in 2018.