When people think of personal branding, they think of a strong message, great head shots, and an awesome social media presence. And while that’s not too far from the mark, you’re still missing it.

Personal branding isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. There’s no magic recipe that equals millions of followers and 100 percent growth in revenue.  #SorryNotSorry.

However, there are 3 targeted ways to approach personal branding that will almost ensure success.

  • Personal branding as a marketing strategy...which increases notoriety.
  • Personal branding as a sales tool...which increases revenue.
  • Personal branding as a way of life...which increases joy.

Let’s talk about personal branding as a marketing strategy:  

While this usually appears as a blend between PR and traditional marketing, personal branding is really something different.

Not PR. With PR, you depend on the voice of a journalist. A press release is usually written by someone else, and you cross your fingers that media picks it up, shares your story, and that maybe the right people will read it and take action… PR is buzz building. But it’s also fleeting. You don’t OWN it.

Not traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is all about eyeballs, generic pitches, the masses, and the click-through-rates (usually paid). This views your audience in metrics, customers by numbers, and human beings in dollars. It lacks a personal touch.

Why not personal branding? Personal branding can be your best marketing strategy because you drive the narrative and have total control of your message. You build your own audience with people who know, like, and trust you because you actually care (which breeds invaluable loyalty to your every move). You become the trend setter, the expert, and the thought leader, which is the best strategy in the game right now. You are your best marketing strategy, because no one else knows your product, brand, or business as effectively as you.

Let’s talk about personal branding as a sales tool:

Personal branding is an incredible sales tool, but you must remember this:


A few posts on Facebook, a fancy newsletter, and a website does not make a personal brand. The most successful brands have been at this a long, long time, and here’s why: Real personal brands aren’t gimmicks. They are built with consistency, flexibility, patience, and intentionality.

With enough time and effort, you start to saturate your message (and market), people begin to recognize your name, they more easily recall what you stand for, and it all starts to work for you.

If you follow the SimplyBe. Formula (more on that in a sec), you’ll begin to see clients, opportunities, and connections coming to YOU. Those people are now the ones shooting YOU that message on LinkedIn for coffee, emailing YOU a question they need help with because YOU have established yourself as the expert. Conferences and events are reaching out to YOU to speak...people start to know not only your name but your UNIQUE VALUE. As a result, your value goes UP. You charge more for your time. Your name is top of mind, therefore top of the list when anyone in your industry needs an expert. And on and on.

At the top of every engagement at SimplyBe., we ask our clients 4 questions. We use these as a baseline to build a strategy and to use as our constant north star as their personal brands grow.

I want you to ask yourself the same questions:

  1. What are my objectives in building a personal brand?
  2. When am I successful?
  3. How do I measure it?
  4. And once I have achieved these goals...what’s next?

Building a personal brand takes time, my friends. Our clients who have been with us for one year versus three months see different results. It’s not a matter of effort. It’s a matter of compounding. Give your personal brand time, and it becomes your best marketer and the only sales tactic you’ll ever ultimately need.

Let’s talk about personal branding as a way of life:

Personal branding as a way of life means bringing your authentic, most fully expressed, emotional, human, brilliant, and passionate SELF to…

Your career.

When you do this, you begin to live what you love. And when you live what you love, your vibration of joy expands.

As a result, you become a magnet for:

More money

A bigger network

A bigger audience

More opportunities beyond your expectations

Remember, you’re not just building a career. You’re leaving a legacy.

Want to go deeper to do exactly all of the above?

Save-the-date for our next live workshop on March 9th and get your own SimplyBe. Formula. Applications are now open.


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