Hello from Bali, my friends!

This past week, I've been facilitating our very first SimplyBe. Magic Mastermind for 15 INCREDIBLE women from the U.S., Canada, Germany, and Australia. Together in mastermind, we have laughed, we have cried (a lot), we have danced under the stars, prayed to the moon, healed our auras, found our voices, developed our brands, created our marketing plans, and built a true foundation to a global initiative that I know in my soul is going to change the lives of so many entrepreneurs.

It’s hard to believe that we sold out our very first global retreat. A few months ago, these ‘masterminds’ were just an idea. As the SimplyBe. business expands, and we get closer and closer toward our mission of becoming a ‘business with no borders,’ I am deeply humbled and even more grateful to be sitting here, writing this message from my laptop overlooking the Indian Ocean.

It is proof that if you don’t believe in your own dreams, nobody else will. It is proof that it takes stepping into your TRUTH to live that dream. And proof that you can’t do it alone. It really does take a TRIBE to create any kind of positive and forward action.

So today, I’m bringing you the second edition of the SimplyBe. 6-Fix, Volume II. The 6-Fix is a look inside (and an invitation) into the SimplyBe. world of experiences, offerings, clients, and team. It’s your opportunity to engage with us in any way that you feel called. To join our tribe. After all, our business believes that it is EVERYONE’S divine right to live a life and build a business where we can authentically and unapologetically simply be ourselves. That’s what really makes a personal brand so damn magical.


1) “The Tribe of the Change Maker” SimplyBe. Magic Mastermind in ITALY on May 22-27. No better time like the present to leap into the unknown, say YES to magic, and invest in yourself, right? Our Italian Mastermind is for men AND women and it’s filling up quickly. This time, we’re bringing you content on mindset, business, branding, holistic nutrition, soul healing, personal power, and the divine masculine vs. divine feminine values. This is an AMAZING opportunity for couples to go deeper into your relationships and also totally suited for solo travelers looking to connect with themselves in a totally new light. Registration is open.


2) Speaking of TRIBE, ain’t no better tribe in the world than my ladies at SimplyBe. If you haven’t met our Creative Director Aleksa the Ninja yet, tonight is your chance. She’ll be rocking the stage as a panelist for General Assembly’s “Build Your Personal Brand; Land Your Dream Job in Digital.” Sign up here. It’s FREE.


3) Did you know that SimplyBe.’s Editorial Director Rea Frey is a FIVE-TIME published author? She recently scored a major book deal for her new novel, NOT HER DAUGHTER, with one of the nation’s largest fiction publishing houses. NBD. If you’re a fan of Gone Girl or The Woman in the Window, this domestic suspense is right up your alley. NHD is about a woman who kidnaps a five-year-old to save her from her mother. You can pre-order the book on Amazon right now. Stay tuned for MUCH more on Rea Frey, her book, YOUR book (wink, wink), and her launch party in Chicago this fall.

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4) We adore our clients at SimplyBe. Agency and one of our favorites is none other than CEO Shaun Black. His brutally honest, no-B.S., passionate, hustling authenticity inspires us daily. We were thrilled to get Shaun featured on BizCastHQ in this beautifully raw and brilliant video interview that will be syndicated across major business digital publications nationally. This video literally brought tears to my eyes—not only in pride—but in inspiration. Shaun’s the real deal and I truly hope you watch this. 👆👆👆


5) Another one of our mega-boss clients is Tegan Trovato, founder of Bright Arrow Coaching. We recently helped Tegan get placed in Mantra Magazine  with a full-spread article she authored entitled “Brilliance Margin: What If You Were the Only Obstacle?” You can pick up your copy of Mantra here. Tegan’s also the co-host of “The Life and Leadership Podcast” and actually recently interviewed me as one of her guests. She asked a lot of questions about personal branding, of course, but even more Q’s about the raw, messy, not-so-pretty parts of my story. (It involves a bloody business divorce, mean girls, going broke, and the power of having an amazing attorney. Yup. We went there.) I have been somewhat hesitant about sharing this podcast to my audience, as it’s SO real and that’s been a bit scary. I guess that’s why I have to share it. I hope this helps someone out there feel less alone on their journey to pursue their dreams and follow their hearts. Listen on.


6) Finally, A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: We are re-launching the entire SimplyBe. platform next month! Digital products and tools, events galore, team profiles, affordable consulting hours, book writing services, and BEYOND. Save-the-date: April 17, when we drop it like it’s hot.

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