Now that the jet lagged has settled, the Bali vibes are still buzzing strong and my heart is open after deeply connecting with an international core tribe of female entrepreneurs, it's time to talk (And our official call for them in Italy this May.)

But first, I want to officially introduce you to our EPIC group of international facilitators for the next SimplyBe. Magic Mastermind Retreat.

I have been so blessed to connect with soul sister and master mindset coach Kristin Balter as my partner and co-host on these retreats.

For Bali, she and I had a vision: we needed a yoga teacher to move bodies, a soul healer to move hearts and a multi-media creative who could support our creative needs while holding space for our guests. As if by magic, we manifested an elite group of light workers to come out to support our first Bali Mastermind.

Kristin and I spent a week facilitating our guests alongside greatness coach Jonathan George, yoga teacher Alessandra Sannyas and healer Priya Lakhi, and it become clear to us that they made the SimplyBe. Magic Mastermind experience complete. So much so that we are inducting them into our core group of facilitators as we travel throughout the world together, bringing consciousness, business mapping, awakenings and connections to our growing global group of change agents.

Next up on deck is our "Tribe of the Change Maker" in the country side of Rome, Italy, taking place May 22-27, where you will have a chance to work closely and powerfully with each of them. This retreat is for women AND men. Those men and women who are called to come solo. as well as those who wish to come with their partner, you are ALL welcome. 

Learn all about Italy SimplyBe. Magic Mastermind Retreat here

Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce you to your mastermind coaches:


Jonathan George, C.E.O. of JG Entertainment, has been creating and developing rock stars in the entertainment world for over 20 years. His success comes from his own gift of seeing people’s true essence, their gifts, abilities and talents as well as his unmatched ability to help people see themselves and their own greatness. His greatest joy comes when people truly see themselves and walk in their own greatness without apology.  

Jonathan is a business and life strategist, branding expert, a successful entrepreneur, and a powerful motivational speaker. His work has been seen on every major station including FOX, ABC, CW, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, USA, HGTV as well as major films and radio. His highly anticipated book, How to Rock Life, will be released June 2018. 

Jonathan will be tapping us into our own greatness by helping us understand the Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies within each of us. When these energies are out of balance, we are not walking in our full potential.  Throughout time, both men and women have been both the oppressor and the oppressed. Often it is the self-created oppression of our feelings, wisdom, power, beauty, truth or love that is the ultimate betrayal.  Regardless of our past experiences and choices, we can embrace each of these energies so that we can become a more balanced Divine version of ourselves.  



Priya Lakhi, of Awaken Ananda, is a gifted energy healer, channeled medium and spiritual teacher.  She has facilitated healing sessions for clients worldwide.  A former criminal defense attorney, Priya powerfully blends the practical and spiritual to help clients transform their lives from the inside out.

With the compassion of a healer and the clarity of a lawyer, Priya helps to initiate the creation and construction of reality for your dreams to be housed.  She awakens the highest state of being within each of us.  Together, we discover the power, love and inner guidance within you.  

As a metamorphic practitioner and yoga teacher, Priya has been extensively trained in India by a Reiki Grand Master, Shamanic practitioners with the lineage of the Hawaiian Huna and the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.  These trainings, along with deep self-transformational work,  allows Priya to offer authentic, undiluted lineage-based techniques and rituals as part of a healing session.  With her ability to be grounded and yet access universal intelligence, clients are able to release energetic patterns that no longer serve them.

Priya's transformational work is multi-dimensional, as she works on each layer: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  In a healing session, one can expect ancient and time-tested techniques founded in the art and science of energy healing, yoga and shamanism.  Priya incorporates Eastern philosophy, therapeutic techniques, sound healing, essential oils, mantras, crystals, breath work and guided meditations.  

As the founder of Awaken Ananda and as part of the Simply Be.Magic Mastermind core team, Priya is dedicated to inspiring the world into a new level of consciousness, compassion and wisdom.  We work together to Awaken Ananda -- your highest state of bliss.  Thank goodness we are all in this together.



Alessandra Sannyas  is the founder and director of Sannyas Yoga Academy in Uluwatu, Bali.

A passionate lifestyle entrepreneur, therapist, Yoga teacher, artist and philanthropist living in alignment with her life purpose and mission to explore, harmonise and empower the human spirit.

Alessandra was born in Milan, Italy, feeling the pressure of the stressful city lifestyle and seeing people living in the pursuit of an imaginary healthy and happy existence, she left home in her early 20's to travel the world and discover what it has to offer, and what life is all about. During this time she met powerful teachers and learned from world masters such as Don Jose Ruiz, Osho's successor, Louise Lynn Hay, Michael Beckwith and many more. 

Alessandra's passion is for music, natural medicine, growth and expansion, she strongly believes that everyone has the ability and potential to realise the deepest dreams and desires and live in harmony with all that is.

Her unique heart centred teaching is all about self-love, intentional living, empowerment and lifestyle ethics.

Inspired by her studies, a PhD. in metaphysical humanistic science and vibrational medicine, her worldwide travelling and life experiences, Alessandra supports her students and clients in removing limiting beliefs and blockages, reprogramming the mind and body for success from a place of understanding, clarity and love.