I am writing this blog (and setting up my subsequent email) at 10pm the night before. Not like me...I'm a punctual planning Polly. It's an indication of what a busy time it's been over here at SimplyBe.

Next week, we relaunch our brand spankin' new website, But it's more than a website.

It's a platform.

The new will showcase all that we do, all that we provide and all of WHO we are.

Despite SimplyBe.'s rapid growth over the last year and a half, I still often get the questions:

  • "So what exactly do you all DO?"
  • "I know you work in personal branding and all, but what IS that exactly?"

Thankfully, I have clarified our value proposition to enough people to capture ideal clients across the country, grow a full team and get some amazing (and humbling) recognition. 

Which is why I am changing everything.

Just kidding.

NOT at all.

Rather, I am EXPANDING everything.

And most important, clarifying just exactly it is that we do. So next week, on Wednesday April 18th, we are officially pivoting the business from a traditional agency to a creative services company, elevating AND democratizing what we do for our clients.

From the NEW, you can expect:

  • Upgraded Personal Brand Identity, Strategy and Style agency services. (We've refined our sauce, honed in on our magic and packaged it in a way that will benefit any brand.)
  • An e-commerce marketplace with three amazingly affordable, high-value digital product bundles. (Learn how to craft your message, build a content calendar, optimize your Instagram, pitch yourself to the media, and much more, DIY style.)
  • Non-Fiction Book Proposal Writing Services with Rea Frey, our Editorial Director and five-time published author. (Because everything thought leader needs a book.)
  • 1:1 Consulting Hours now available with me and my expert team. (Our way of making our higher priced retainer services more accessible to more people.)
  • Film production and editing with our pro film maker, Tyler Furlan. (Because the need for video in branding is only getting hotter.)
  • A complete events calendar with forthcoming workshops and our SimplyBe. Magic global retreats. (There's nothing more effective and powerful than high-touch, immersive experiences.)
  • And perhaps, most excitingly, an introduction to my incredible, rock star, beautiful, bold and badass SimplyBe. Agency team. (My personal favorite part of the whole platform.)

We hope you'll join the party next Wednesday, April 18th and come be a part of the SimplyBe. experience. The world is starving for more unapologetic authenticity and our mission to help YOU bring yours to it. 

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