This Friday, May 18 is a a big day for me: professionally and personally.

I am finally co-hosting a public workshop with my ride-or-die and SimplyBe.’s Creative Director, Aleksa.

This collaboration has been a long time coming: six years to be exact.

Aleksa and I first met at a dinner party that a mutual friend was hosting. I was still running CheekyChicago, and Aleksa was a senior at Loyola University studying entrepreneurship. We sat next to each other at the table and immediately struck up a conversation. One of my passions is working with and empowering young women, so to be totally honest, meeting a driven and creative student like her was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I guess I left an impression on Aleksa however, because unbeknownst to me, she started following my career’s trajectory on LinkedIn.

Over the next couple years, work shifted from leaving Cheeky to working a corporate job to planting the seed that would grow into SimplyBe. Meanwhile, Aleksa had attended grad school at Northwestern, earning a Masters in Leadership for Creative Enterprises.

Through some divine power, just when I was ready to expand SimplyBe. from a one-woman operation, a recently graduated Aleksa reached out to me for coffee. She messaged me on LinkedIn, saying she wasn’t sure if I’d remember her, but she really looked up to me and wanted to talk more about what I was up to. She hadn’t met with me to ask for job, but after talking with Aleksa, I knew that I needed her. At this point in SimplyBe.’s journey, I did not have much to offer her in the way of income or benefits. I always tell people that I took a chance on Aleksa, but really, she took a chance on me.


Over the next couple years, we worked together to build SimplyBe. She’s been with me through every twist, turn, valley, and peak. I handle business development and strategy, but Aleksa takes my vision and breathes life into them. She is a true artist. I tell a story to clients through words, objectives, and tactics, and she takes the essence of what I say and makes it visually beautiful. We have an incredibly rare bond and working dynamic. When people ask how Aleksa and I met I usually say, “God,” because there is no other explanation for how the exact person I needed—not only as a talented business partner, but also a supportive friend—came into my life so seamlessly.

Together, we make magic, and this workshop will be no different. Aleksa and I have built a curriculum that will challenge you to think of who you are and what you value. It will push you to develop your platform, tap into what inspires you, and help you create a granular, achievable vision for how to actualize your goals.

This workshop is extra special however, because Aleksa is sharing her expertise on Instagram to help you create a core visual aesthetic. In the couple years that she’s run SimplyBe.’s account, she’s grown our following by 1000 percent by remaining fun, interesting, and results-driven. She is a total expert, and I am so excited for you to learn from her, but more than that, I am excited for you to get to know the warm, funny, intelligent woman that I’m lucky to call my partner-in-crime.

Don’t believe my (somewhat biased) opinion—take it from other tribe members that this is one workshop you won’t want to miss.

Get your tickets here!


My experience with SimplyBe. was a complete game changer for both my career and personal life. During my time in the workshop, I learned so much about my most valuable asset: my personal brand.

Jessica and Aleksa helped me embrace who I am as a person, and how I can leverage my unique personality to my advantage to succeed in the business world. Additionally, the confidence I’ve built has been paramount to not only my recent success at work, but also my self-worth in general.  


This workshop is a must for those who are ready to get authentic with themselves and create a brand that will draw people to them as well as toward their business. If you’re in the business of growing and becoming more real in this social media age this is the workshop for you. There was a variety of personal interest and it was a great environment to be open and honest about what you really want your brand to be. There were steps to take and so much helpful information. I could take this course again and still gain so much valuable information.


The team at Simply Be get it.  They understand the latest technology and trends along with hold to be socially savvy in order to stand out. They break it all down to the roots to help you understand your brand identity so that you have a clear message, and the courage, to go out and share it with the world.


I highly recommend SimplyBe.’s Personal Branding Workshop. Jessica and her team foster an environment of true self-discovery while providing practical insights on how to action that purpose.  You will leave this workshop with increased connectivity, clarity and sense of empowerment on how you can make a real impact on the world.


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