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This past month has been an absolute whirlwind.

SimplyBe. is growing SO fast, which is awesome, but leaves me with little time to catch my breath. We have been homeless for the past few weeks, as we wait to move into our beautiful new office space in Wicker Park. While we definitely miss having a homebase, the flexibility and adaptability my team has shown as we move around town has only proven how aligned we really are.

In the interim, my team has welcomed new clients, team members, and ideas as we re-launched our website and pivoted our brand to better represent who we are and what we do. When I reflect on my team and our work, I’m grateful.

For our clients.

For my support system.

For my (sometimes) stressful, neverending to-do list.

Want to know what we’ve been up to? Today’s SimplyBe. 6-Fix Volume III packs a serious punch. Welcome to the inside look at the who, what, and how that makes our company tick. This is your golden ticket to engage with our work, where being busy not only means early mornings and crazy deadlines, but spreading the power of self-acceptance and watching the magic of people come into their own and rock their company/industry/world.


Our Next LIVE Workshop is 2 Weeks Away!

On Friday May 18th, SimplyBe.’s Creative Director and absolute Ninja, Aleksa Narbutaitis, and myself will be hosting a day-long workshop on personal branding with a bonus course on Instagram. If you’re ready to spread your message and deliver your unique value to those around you, then this is exactly what you have been searching for. We will teach you how to build a cohesive platform, develop a communications strategy, and create an authentic and memorable visual aesthetic. Get your tickets here!


Speaking of workshops...

Speaking of workshops, you have to see our workshops page on our BRAND NEW website. We’ve created a series of experiences, specifically created to address identity and branding obstacles that businesses face. Our results-driven curriculum is aimed at not only teaching, but growing accountability and fostering collaboration. These are seriously inspiring and are perfect for teams at any level.


Our clients are freakin' BRILLIANT.

I’ve said it a million times, but our clients are some of the smartest, most passionate and innovative people that I’ve met. I am inspired by them everyday and thankfully, they don’t keep their wisdom a secret. Looking to succeed in business? Check out absolute girlboss, Erin Coupe’s blog on the power of building real connections. Feeling like you need to take ownership over your life? Read the always motivational Bill Rossi’s blog on how to make better decisions. Want to see passionate advocacy work in action? Chad Jasmin’s interview with Watco’s Rachel Peterson is an honest look at how the rail industry can promote women.


And so are our NEW clients.

Our clients are pretty freakin’ amazing, and we’re excited to say that their ranks are growing. This month, we’ve brought on Marcus Harris of Taft, Stettinius and Hollister, LP, Jacopo Bracco, former president of DIRECTV, and serial entrepreneur, Dan Murray. These guys are seriously some of the most talented and down-to-earth people around, and we cannot wait to learn and grow with them.

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We built. We launched. We partied.

If you’ve been keeping up with SimplyBe., you know that our new website is a BIG deal, which is why we threw a BIG party to celebrate its launch. It was a night filled with friends, family, a little weirdness, and a lot of pineapples. It was a magical way to celebrate all of our hard work. Take a glimpse at what went down here. (That's my WHOLE team right there....)


And speaking of the team.

I've spent a lot of time talking about my one-of-a-kind team, and if you don’t already know them, it’s about time you’ve been introduced. Everything that SimplyBe. does happens thanks to the dedication and drive that these people have. Get to know them; I know my life has been better for it.

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