About a year and a half ago, SimplyBe. was just starting to take off.

The years before that?

I’d been working my ass off. Extricating myself from my startup. Working for a multi-billion dollar company while traveling the world. Freelancing. Hustling.  

And then? I finally decided to create a company dedicated to personal branding.

Once I decided to go all in on my own business, I told a close friend, who said: “Jessica, can I be honest with you? If you want to be in the personal branding industry and really own it, you have to clean up your online presence. One day you’re blogging about women empowerment, the next you’re writing about a conference you’re attending, and then it’s your favorite workout, or how to use social media, or your husband…You need to be about personal branding; you have to BE about it.”

He was right.

I hadn’t been positioning myself with clarity. While I thought I knew who I was, I wasn’t approaching it from a honed in business perspective. It took his outside opinion to make me realize that as much as I cared about numerous things, I could not write about twenty different things online. People would have no idea who I was or what I was about.

I had to narrow it down, or else I would just be adding to the noise.

So I honed in on four themes that are central to my values and passions: personal branding, women empowerment, travel, and spirituality. I saw pretty quickly that my laser-focused online representation was getting me more attention, more connections, and more business. I’d found something that really worked, and I manifested the benefits of having a strong personal brand.

I not only felt more secure in what I was building, I also felt like I was attracting the right audience. As my voice got clearer, my business and sphere of influence grew bigger. I knew that what worked for me would work for my clients.

Cue the Hologram.


SimplyBe.’s Personal Brand Hologram™ is our special sauce. It’s the method behind the madness of everything we do. We believe in its unique power so much that we’re literally trademarking it (and it all started on a piece of paper).

When I first founded SimplyBe. I built a “Matrix” to organize clients’ brand identities. But I wasn’t happy with that title. First, I think the last thing the world needs is another matrix. Second, matrixes are two dimensional, and I work with dynamic, multifaceted people. I could not accurately brand them on such limited terms. So I took the framework to the third dimension and developed the hologram, a three-part personal branding structure.

Here’s the breakdown:

Your Headline.

An all-encompassing definition of who you are. If your life was a book, your name would be your title and your headline would be your subtitle.


Your Pillars.

These are the areas of your life that validate your headline. We pick four themes, just like I did, to keep clarity without being boring. The pillars exist to showcase humanity and professionalism. They are consistent and clear. People say content is king, but it’s not. Clarity is king, and these pillars are its throne. While they are simple, that doesn’t mean that they are easy to define. It takes a lot of self-examination to figure out what your four biggest values are and why they are worth sharing.


The Unique Insights.

These add depth to your brand. We add three to four bullet points under each pillar to show insight into who you are, what you do, how you do it ,and why it works. These are what truly differentiate you in the marketplace because they are unique for everyone. Many executives may chose “leadership” as a pillar, but everyone has separate leadership styles. Do you believe in giving your employees trust and freedom? Do you push for innovation at all costs? Dig deep to define your insights. They are what set you apart.


Here's mine in its full glory:




This formula is at the cornerstone of everything that SimplyBe. does. It’s what clients pay us the big bucks to generate over months. And I just gave it to you, my loyal tribe, for FREE. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: the structure is only half the battle. Coming up with how you want to fill it can be challenging. Just like I needed a wakeup call from my friend, most people need insight from an outside source to guide them.

And I want to give you that. That’s why next Friday, May 18, I am hosting a personal branding workshop that is built around giving you the support necessary to develop your own hologram. It’s an accelerated, deep-dive into who you are and how you want the world to see you. Take this chance to invest not only in yourself, but in your career by formulating a crystal-clear message on who you are that will be valuable no matter where you go. Until the end of the week, I'm offering $100 off to this workshop when you use code VIP100. That's how much I believe in the Hologram - and you. 

You have the tools; now use my experience and the support that SimplyBe. can give you to get your brand out there.

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