The Authentically Austin Masterclass has already been a game changer for SimplyBe.—and it hasn’t even happened yet. Check any of our social media channels and you may notice it’s all we’ve been talking about. It’s not just to sell tickets, though. I mean let’s be honest, when you’re running a business, you have to keep the lights on, but that’s just a part of it. We’ve been talking about the Masterclass so much because it really, truly has the power to change lives. And I’ll use myself as a prime case study.

I started SimplyBe. almost three years ago, and in that time the business has grown with incredible speed — a feat I can attribute 100% to personal branding. I was able to leverage the name and reputation (ahem, the personal brand) I had built for myself online and IRL in the years before starting SimplyBe. when building the company. 

I never needed to seek out clients, invites to key events or media opportunities because my brand brought them in for me. Sure, you could say that’s a testament to the power of networking, but my brand served me on a larger scale than my network did. My brand was a platform to reach a new audience and build something I hadn’t before, and its power came not  only from its existence, but from my willingness to lean into it. 

And that is exactly what the Austin Masterclass is about. You see, I’m an entrepreneur by trade. I started my first company, CheekyChicago almost 10 years ago and was all about the business. Through this platform, I built a name for myself, chiefly through choosing to be vulnerable and real with my audience members. When my time in that business came to a close, I was left with a brand and a following, but no real company. Before I knew what was coming next, I invested in what I had. I connected with my audience online, through blogging and social media. I used what I had gained as an entrepreneur to become an influencer, and the community I built as an influencer is what allowed me to build SimplyBe. years later. For me, entrepreneurship and influencer-status are inherently connected. They are the intersection of a powerful brand that allowed me to pursue my dreams with abandon and plenty of success. 

As SimplyBe. continues to grow, I can confidently say that this is not only true for me. It’s true for our clients, too. The brands we’ve built have taken rail executives, personal coaches, financial experts and real estate leaders from professionals to influencers at the next stage in their careers — whether that’s growing their existing business, or pivoting towards a new journey. 


SimplyBe. has made its mark on Chicago. Over the past year I’ve hosted four incredible events, sharing the power behind a strong personal brand, and the tools to make it work for you. Now I want to go bigger. And there really is no better place to do that than Austin, Texas. This city is truly incredible, and totally aligned with SimplyBe.’s message and approach to building a brand. 

I was just there last week for an event with General Assembly, and everyone I met was so warm, welcoming and eager to support. The business landscape there is a mix of bright, innovative startups and massive corporate headquarters, making for a really special convergence of thought leaders who are eager to shake up their industries and serve their communities. Each and everyone of these people, no matter what stage they’re in with their business or career, can benefit from building a personal brand that spreads their message, attracts the right people and empowers them to grow their influence as an entrepreneur to better serve and improve their corner of the world.

So yes, this Masterclass is going to be fun, and magical and pineapple-filled (like all things SimplyBe.), but it’s going to be more than that, too. It’s going to be a day that changes your life, because it’s based on work that changed mine.