6 Essential Steps to Get to SIX-FIGURES


Imagine a world where your business triples in size and revenue in one year. Imagine your sales strategy is so effective, your prospects have to go on a months-long waitlist. Imagine frequent local TV spots, interviews for national publications, and invitations to speak on international stages. Now imagine you get all of this just by learning to harness the power of your own authenticity.

I’m not blowing smoke. It happened to me, and it can happen to you, too.

I made a name for myself and my business, SimplyBe., by identifying my own unique value, honing it into a powerful personal brand, then maximizing it, all in the service of helping others identify, hone, and maximize theirs. May I remind you, when done correctly, personal branding isn’t an act of vanity—it’s an act of service. A strong personal brand can help you broaden your reach, expand your impact, and ultimately affect positive change on the world.

Of course, a strong personal brand will also help level up every facet of your life, making you a magnet for more exposure, more opportunities, and ahem, more revenue. But here’s the million-dollar question: how do you cultivate a strong person brand that cuts through the noise?

I’m thrilled to share with you that for the first time ever, the experts at SimplyBe. Agency will be teaching you how to master your personal brand to EXPONENTIALLY grow your business, step by step, over the course of an immersive, two-day workshop.

If you haven’t heard, we’re hosting SIX-FIGURE PERSONAL BRANDS, a Masterclass by SimplyBe. here in Chicago, on March 30-31.

And tickets open TOMORROW.

But if you just can’t wait another minute for us to spill our secrets, I’m giving you a sneak peak. Here are the six steps I took to make my personal brand worth SIX FIGURES (and what you can do, too):

Overcome the Personal Brand Opportunity Loss. Ever lose a client to a competitor? You may have felt envious, or even resentful. Not because you think you’re better than anyone else, but because deep down, you knew you could deliver better work. Maybe you weren’t as qualified as your competition. Maybe the other person could actually do a better job. Or maybe, you are just as qualified, just as experienced, and even more talented than the other person...but you still didn’t get picked. WHY? It’s simple. The number one reason why people don’t get the gig is because the people hiring for the gig don’t know you exist. This is the Personal Brand Opportunity Loss, and it’s entirely avoidable.

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by identifying your unique value proposition. Stand out online by authentically telling YOUR story. Remember—people don’t do business with logos, websites, or front-page news. We do business with people. At the end of the day, a customer is going to choose to invest in your business based on the personal connection they feel to YOU. The only way to effectively reach the right people is by identifying your target audience avatars, researching their emotional pain points and coming from a human standpoint in all of your marketing. There is no better way to service this message than straight from you: the person behind the brand.

Create compelling content for your blog, email, video series, podcasts, webinars, and speaking gigs. Thought leaders think, they don’t just post on social media. The only way to drive real authority (and thus drive more revenue) is to position yourself as an expert with a thoughtful point of view. Think about the most influential people you know—they have a MESSAGE. What’s more—they use their platforms consistently and often to drive that message forward. That’s when your content starts working for you. Because you’re top of mind. Why wouldn’t you want to architect your own narrative? Everyone can, and everyone should.

Build a brand aesthetic to attract followers on Instagram, the most relevant social media platform of our day. It's also one of the strongest marketing tools in your belt. Build your toolkit to grow an authentic, organic audience and convert them into clients and ambassadors. Instagram is one of the most effective platforms to grow community, which will become one of the most powerful assets that will drive your business outcomes, no matter what business you’re in.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to establish authority for maximum exposure. Next to Instagram, there is no other channel as relevant and powerful as LinkedIn. More and more executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees are realizing the untapped possibilities on LinkedIn, and by crafting your profile strategically, you’re setting yourself up for success no matter where you are or what you’re looking for in your career. With 500M people now on the platform, you have the ability to not only establish authority—but a network—that will work for you in perpetuity.

Establish a PR and media strategy to get in front of new target audiences by way of magazines, podcasts and conferences. We have all noticed that reporting and marketing is being driven more and more by influencers, experts and contributing writers versus traditional journalists. Start building your media portfolio by contacting specific publications that will include your quotes and thoughts in articles about your market or industry. Continue the conversation to pitch your ideas for a feature or column that tout your thought leadership. Before you know it, you might be a regular monthly contributor.

This is only the beginning. These six steps are the launching pad that will shoot your brand, your business, and your bank account to the NEXT LEVEL. And the best part of all is the power is in your hands.

Imagine being a success by simply being you. Now make it a reality: https://www.simplybemasterclass.com