Let’s talk about money.

Clarification: let’s talk about the energy of money.

But first, a not-so-fun fact on something you probably don’t know about me:

For a long period of time, during what some would call my “sparkly entrepreneurial career,”  I was broke.

As in dead broke.

Broke to the point where I had to ask my father to help me pay my $250 phone bill because I was so broke I couldn’t afford it.

(I was 32 years old at the time.)

During those years, the shame I carried about being penniless, while magazines touted me as an “It Girl,” was insurmountable.

The vibration of scarcity was so thick, I allowed my entire physical, emotional, and spiritual health to severely suffer. (Surgeries, broken hearts, and broken business relationships followed.)

The stress and darkness was so real, I cried nearly every day for a year.

It was not until one rainy spring afternoon in 2014, where the Universe literally brought me to my knees in my home office, that I felt the shift.

That afternoon, I finally decided to stop focusing on what I did NOT have and took full stock of what I DID have and let the palpable gratitude wash through me and within me.

- I blessed the soft carpet where my knees were touching. (I never noticed it before.)

- I blessed my brother, who called me that day to say hello. (A rare occurrence.)

- I blessed my vintage desk, with all its knicks and chips. (My dominion for my daily creation, a source of so much joy.)

- I blessed the windows of my office, strong and sturdy and well-sealed. (It was, after all, raining that day.)

- I blessed my dad, for his grace. (He never shamed me. Only I did that.)

I went on this way for hours, sending blessings of gratitude to everything I possibly could tap into.

The next day, something miraculous happened.

I got an unexpected phone call from a colleague offering me a consulting opportunity for $5000 a month. That moment changed everything. I finally realized that I didn’t need to have a lot of money to “feel rich.” I had to “feel rich” in order to attract the money I was seeking.

Scarcity is a mindset. So is abundance.

You get to choose.

Flash forward to today. (Actually to about 10 months ago.)

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, “Mind Your Business” with James Wedmore, where he was interviewing a crystal expert. (Since my mindset transformation a couple years ago, I’ve clearly become obsessed with energy. Hence, crystals.)

I digress.

James asked the expert what crystal would help attract more clients, and she said the heliodor crystal could increase confidence and magnetize clients.

As if by magic, I remembered seeing there was a crystal shop literally a block away from my apartment just a few day before. (I had lived there for months and not noticed it until then.) I turned the podcast off and literally marched right over. To my luck, there was one heliodor crystal left in the shop, the size of my fingernail. It cost me $70.

I tucked it in my wallet (it's still there) and within one week, I took a chance meeting with one of the most celebrated and recognized C-Level executives in the Midwest. This man would become my first $25,000 (per month) personal branding client for SimplyBe.

I have kept my heliodor in my wallet ever since, and to be frank, I have not been able to keep clients away. I get inquiries almost every single day from people wanting to work with me.

Is it all about the crystal? Not at all.

(But I’m keeping it in my wallet just in case.)

Once I got my first high-paying client, I realized that I wouldn’t go back. I’d attracted the elite client, which meant I could do it again and again. Where I used to stem from crunching numbers and juggling lower-paying clients, I now held in my power the ability to manifest...more.

In doing so, I created:

→ More time

→ More resources

→ More revenue

→ More confidence

Our general mindset with getting what we want is thinking it will fill a void. We’ll be better business people. We’ll be nicer. We’ll have more so we will be more...right?

But that’s not it.

Getting what you want has nothing to do with becoming someone else. If you don’t FEEL happy/worthy/powerful/self-loved before you receive a large sum of money, or the promotion, or the soulmate, you won’t get it. Period. To get what you really want, you have to already be what you want.

(Be it to get it = your new mantra.)

When I bought that crystal, I made the decision that it was going to work. I didn’t think, “Well, what if it doesn’t?” I didn’t give myself the other option. There was only one option, and it was success.  

While I definitely believe the crystal had something to do with attracting that client, it came down to the intention I put behind it. It was really about self-worth, self-belief, and personal power.  It came down to that rainy day in 2014 when the Universe nearly smacked me upside my head and said: “WAKE UP, JESSICA. YOU ARE WORTHY.”

You are too.

Sometimes, in the noise of our chaotic world, it’s hard to believe that much in yourself. Or to take that risk. Or to harness your own power. But you can and should, every single day.

And if you can’t, then I have another option: the SimplyBe. Magic Masterminds in Bali on March 15-20.

Here’s your crystal.

Here’s your opportunity to blend personal power, personal branding, and harness the divine tools and connection to get everything you want.

And I’m going to teach you how I did it all. How I've learned to believe in myself without question, build a dream roster of clients, a dream team, manage my money as an entrepreneur to scale my business and to create flowing, crazy amazing abundance inside my soul...and inside my bank account. 

This March in Bali, I’m going to tell you everything I know.

If you want to manifest the life you really want but haven’t been able to, join us.

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“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.” - Paulo Coelho