Jessica Zweig

Ten years ago, two young women graduate from college.

Let’s call them Doreen and Dana.

They both come from equally prestigious universities with equally impressive degrees. Right out of college, they both get hired at great companies in entry level roles that meet their expectations for salary, opportunity, and caliber.

Doreen invests in her career. She blogs about her daily learnings from work on her new Tumblr blog, which a lot of her peers and colleagues start to read. She brings ideas and research to the table during company meetings, and her boss begins to use Doreen feedback as test material to help the team sell more effectively. They do. She develops her own personal style, rocking her designer pair of spectacles every day, and the whole office takes notice.

She gets promoted.  

Dana spends her days clocking in and out. She avoids social media, she does as she’s told, and meets the requirements of her daily tasks without ever exceeding them.

She is expendable.

Flash forward to today.

Doreen is the VP of sales at the company of her dreams. She is a top sales writer on LinkedIn and speaks frequently at the best sales conferences across the country. She is lovingly adorned with the nickname, “Doreen the Sales Machine,” and people joke that her Tom Ford glasses are her secret weapon. She now owns fifteen pairs.

Dana, after years of lateral moves and company reorganizations outside of her control, is sadly out of work and struggling to find another job.

This isn’t a fable.

This is real life.

While you might not think a personal brand is relevant to your career, we are living in a time when managing your personal brand is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you care about improving?
  • Do you care about succeeding?
  • Do you care about living a fulfilled life?
  • Do you care about revenue?
  • Do you care about referrals?
  • Do you care about opportunities?
  • Do you care about your ability to get promoted?  
  • Do you care about your name and reputation?

If yes to most, then you care about your personal brand.

No matter where you are in your career, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate soldier, a C-Level exec, or an entry level manager, we have to change our thinking about the way we do business.

We need to stop thinking we’re in the B2B industry or the B2C industry. We’re in the P2P industry = the People to People Industry.

That’s because we don’t do business with products, logos, or brands. We do business with people. With real life humans who have emotion, ambition, style, passion, and perspective.

And the sooner you can identify what kind of person YOU are, the sooner other people will know you, what you do, and how good you are at doing it. It is only then you become the person everyone wants to hire, to meet with, to ask for advice, to connect with, and to buy from.

So how do you get there? Where do you even start?

This Monday, that’s where.

Starting on Monday December 11 through Friday December 15 at 12pm CST, I am hosting a FREE SimplyBe 5-Day Personal Branding Live Training on Instagram on how to build the foundation of your personal brand identity. This is a process I provide for my clients for thousands and thousands of dollars per month. I’m offering it to you, my lovely readers, entirely for free.

In this training, you will learn:

  1. What your unique intrinsic value is.
  2. What your personal brand “platform” is and how to convey your message with crystal clarity, no matter the circumstance.
  3. How to build your personal brand narrative and online content using my super-simple “Pyramid Formula.”
  4. What your personal brand “signature style” is and how to build a powerful, memorable impression everywhere you go.
  5. What your personal brand “in action” means, and how to use it to drive the results in your career that you’re craving.

Sign up here to get on the list and for the free workbook. This workbook will be your step-by-step guide for the FREE SimplyBe 5-Day Personal Branding Live Training. I’ll be walking you through it, page by page, all LIVE on Instagram. Make sure you’re following me there and then join me each day, Monday December 11 through Friday December 15, at 12pm CST.

Mark your calendars!

With 2018 just a few weeks away, there’s no better time to invest a little time getting clear on your message, your mission, and your personal brand. I so deeply want to see each and every one of you rise to your greatest potential and opportunity, and the most effective way to get what we want is to show up in business (and in life) as our fully expressed, completely authentic selves. I know from the bottom of my heart this free live training will be an essential first step toward simply being the “you” the world is waiting for.

So, how will you show up?

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