I know you’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. But we still need a little inspiration, which is why I want to take a moment (every Friday, to be exact) to share my JZ Top 3.  

Whether it’s a fave restaurant, tips on personal branding, or an incredible moment that made me laugh (or weep), these are snackable posts to take you inside the world of all things JZ and SimplyBe.

Have a moment you want to share or something you’re dying for the world to know about? Drop me a line and you just might see your reco in my next post!

1. Accessorize Your IG

If you’ve seen my new Instagram "accessory" on #instastories, there's good reason. This handy “swipe up” feature is one of the best tools to enhance your personal brand and even gives you real time analytics to see your click rate. The only catch? It's for business profiles that have over 10,000 followers.

2. Gain Traction

EVERY business-minded person needs a little help and motivation when it comes to best business practices, right? Enter Traction. This book has changed the way I do business. It has changed the way my team approaches business. It has changed my process with clients. An instant must-read.

3. I'm (P)interested in YOU

Though Pinterest has become an old idea in a sea of innovations, I'm still obsessed. From fabulous ideas to unique inspiration, it's your life's moodboard. (We should be friends if we aren't already.)

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