How Masterminds Transformed My Life


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Real talk: a few years ago, my default mindset was total scarcity.

I lived paycheck to paycheck, and I perceived everything through the lens of victimhood. I blamed everyone from my husband, to my clients, to the Chicago weather for my unhappiness. I thought small around my business, so I played small.

Then, a few years back, I started attending retreats, masterminds and conferences. I essentially elected to spend a lot of money forcing myself outside of my comfort zone, working with coaches who knew nothing about me, and spending time with strangers in foreign corners of the world.

These experiences were absolute, transformative game-changers that created a pivotal time in my life.

Since making that investment in MYSELF, my life has truly transformed. My business has blossomed beyond my wildest dreams, tripling from 2016 to 2018, my marriage is thriving, my body is the healthiest it’s ever been, and I now have only the most positive and highest vibrational people in my circle.

What’s more, these retreats gave me sisters and brothers on every continent who opened their homes to me, their networks to me, and most of all, their hearts to me. That kind of TRIBE is invaluable as they expand your perspective on the world. Participating in these masterminds have honestly been the best investment I have ever made in myself.

Which is exactly why I wanted to create my own: to serve my community with the inspiration and the opportunity to expand, as I did.

In just a few short months, I’ll be heading to Nosara, Costa Rica for my final SimplyBe. Magic Mastermind of 2018, from November 10-15. Nosara happens to be my most treasured spot on the planet (which is saying a LOT since I’ve traveled to over 30 countries).

You might be thinking, “What the heck IS a Mastermind, anyway?”

At its core, it’s a vessel for personal and professional growth.

For me and participants, it’s a 6-day retreat from daily life filled with intensive, soul-expanding experiences: inspiring workshops, breathwork and meditation, journaling, yoga, and cultural immersions unique to the location. You’ll receive hands-on coaching on your business and brand from me; your purpose, mindset and limiting beliefs from my partner Kristin Balter;  and power yoga and Angel Card card readings from Vancouver-based Jess Faedo, who will guide us through yoga classes each morning. We’ll also have a world-class chef cooking us up organic breakfast and lunches all week, so your body will be nourished as well as your soul and mind.

And much more.

As I mentioned, the most magical part of a Mastermind like this are the friendships you make. There is something about being in a “container” that accelerates true and authentic connection. And those connections end up accelerating YOU.

This retreat is invitation-only, and I am excited to be able to open it up to my community.

Right now, we have only TWO spots left for our Costa Rica Retreat in our 5-star private villa. There is one room left: the King Suite (a value of $10k) for $5500 ($2750 / per person). This room can hold a couple, a group of friends, or even a family. It’s massive. We just require a 25% deposit to hold it (that’s just $687/person) and we can set up a payment plan for you according to your needs. Please email me directly at to secure these final two spots.

Transformative experiences don’t just happen. You have to find them, seize them, and make them yours. I am living proof. Join me on the journey.

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