Morocco Style

It’s not unusual to “find” yourself when you travel. Sure, travel entails embarking on uncharted literal territories, trying new foods, meeting eclectic strangers and embracing the "adventure" of stepping outside your comfort zones.

But my favorite part of is uncovering the pieces of yourself either long forgotten, or never yet known.

Heading to Morocco this past August was no exception. It wasn’t glamorous. It wasn’t easy. It was excruciatingly hot. Some might even say it was dangerous. Which is exactly why it allowed me to examine my life through a more definitive lens. While no trip can be summed up in numbered lists, the lifestyle changes I am now rocking on a daily basis can.

And I want to share them with you... I hope they spark a new consciousness in you, whether you cross an ocean or not.

While there, I learned to:



Amplify My Gratitude

I have learned to appreciate the little things...like running water and air conditioning. We have endless luxuries in the United States that just breed an unconsciousness that I don’t want to live anymore. 99 percent of daily life goes perfectly. Do you have food, water, and shelter? Congratulations, you’re well off. All of the daily minutiae is the one percent. Don’t lean into the one percent. Remember the 99 percent. Because so many people don’t have it.


Marrakech Market

Love is in The Details.

From the architecture, to the art, decor, fashion, tiles, the spices, the textiles and even the way they pour their freakin’ tea, the culture and style of Morocco were meticulous. Most everything you see, touch, and taste is made, painted, sewed, and built by hand… Talk about precious hours of care and patience. #Truthbomb: I am NOT a detail-oriented person, in life, but especially in business. It’s one of my biggest downfalls. I am usually ALL vision and ideas, and have to work to “follow the lines” and stay pragmatic. Morocco taught be that going the extra mile to make sure every single detail is attended to will heed the results to truly set you, your business, your brand, and your work apart. Since being home, I have mapped out an entirely detailed business plan for the future of SimplyBe. From my executive vision, to my operational roll-out, to the marketing and PR plan, to the financial projections between today and 2019, new product launches, branding all internal materials, and heck, even got clear on how I want to design the office. This was all was inspired while I was in Morocco, and by Morocco.


Sahara Desert Camel Ride

Kick Up My Courage.

It was not easy to travel to a Muslim third world country, with a pit stop in Barcelona (just two weeks after a terrorist attack there). I went with my best babe DJ Megan Taylor, a blond and a red head, who undoubtedly were going to stick out like a sore thumb everywhere we went. We did feel safe most of our trip, and had an incredible personal tour guide the whole time, but in its purest essence, going to Morocco took some serious balls. Since returning, I have had some major opportunities to take on huge client projects, teach workshops slightly out of my subject matter expertise, expand my team, and move into my own office…all things that take SERIOUS courage and self-belief. And I have said HELL YES to all of it. I am going for it on a whole new level. Morocco reminded me of myself. That I am capable of anything I put to mind to and I always have my own back. You are too.



Embrace My Curves.

The fashion in Morocco is not body conscious, but more about freedom, flow, and that #gypsyfeeling. I have seriously spent SO MUCH of my life wasting energy on loathing on my body, and in Morocco, it was all about comfort and keeping cool. No need to fuss about how my thighs looked or had a need to “suck it in.” Since returning, yes, I have rocked more flowing outfits, less makeup and gypsy-styles...I even recently chopped my hair for the fun of it. But it’s the feeling I have in my own skin that has translated into a new appreciation and love I have for my body than I have ever experienced in my life.



Love Thy Neighbor

Perhaps the most profound lesson of them all, I had so many judgments about Muslims before I went to Morocco. If I am going to keep it real on this blog about everything, I have to be willing to call myself out and share things about myself I am not super proud of. The Moroccan people were amongst the kindest, most loving, passionate, graceful, and caring people I have ever met. When you grow up in a culture that paints anyone a certain way, some of it sticks. The pictures of Muslims that are shared in the United States are not often pretty. They’re unjust, skewed, and one-sided. I now know a different truth, which has translated to all people. We really are all the same. Sometimes, life is just that simple.

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