I love sales. Correction: I love selling. Nothing beats the high of winning a deal.

When the ink meets the paper, the check is cut and hands shake — it might be one of THE most glorious moments in entrepreneurship. Being driven by success metrics, lots of zeros in the bank account, cash flow and financial freedom is something we can all relate to. Selling is an art and a science and necessary to fuel our companies and our visions for greatness. Ain’t no shame in this game.

But so many personal brands and entrepreneurs out there are approaching selling all wrong. They think that in order to sell, that they have to sell. Follow me here.

Sure there’s a science to sales. The amount of leads to deals won vs. deals lost, cold-calling, cold-emailing, strategic networking, paid advertising, referrals, click funnels, email marketing, webinars, workshops and on and on.

But the art to selling isn’t found in smooth negotiation skills, persuasive tactics, strong elevator pitches or perfectly tailored campaigns. The art is found in relationships.

It’s about personal connection.
It’s about developing trust and establishing loyalty.
It’s emotional.
It’s vulnerable.
It’s human.
It’s intentional.

You don’t get people to buy from you by actually selling to people.

That’s because people don’t want to be sold to. They want to feel educated, entertained and most of all, inspired. People want to feel like the person “selling them” knows them, sees them, understands them and can truly help them. And how can you convey all of those things unless you truly do? Unless you can honestly connect with your core customer’s core desires, core fears and core needs?
Real talk: No one likes dealing with a dirty car salesman vibe, and no one certainly wants to feel like they’re the dirty salesman when trying to sell their services, product or time.

So how do you get there? It’s all about becoming intentional with your message and with your mission. When crafting your sales pitch, take a big step back and ask yourself: How are you actually delivering value to your audience NOW? Is most of your content and marketing about how awesome you/your product is vs. about your community? When you/your product pops up in their Facebook feed, Instagram scroll or email inbox, are you making it worth their time to stop and read? Are you asking for something in return for every post?
Go back and look through your sales strategies up until this point, and take note of where you’re actually selling and when you *think* you’re not. Your most “non-salesy” content might reveal itself as your strongest.

You create sales by creating value first. You create cash by creating connection first. You create customers by creating community first.
Again, intentionality.


Craft your content using the three pillars of great inbound marketing below:


1. Educate

Instead of leading with what you’re selling, lead with what you’re teaching. What do you want to educate your audience about? What are you so excited to share that yes, while you’d give it away for free, you know in your gut that people would and should pay to know? Build out a “lesson plan” of sorts for what it is that you are offering and how you are offering it. Whether it’s a 4-part webinar, a series of ebooks, course work or seminars, make sure your education path has a workflow that your audience can follow and build upon.


2. Inspire.

Inspiration can get anyone to do (almost) anything. When we feel inspired, it trickles to other areas of our lives and helps us define our paths more clearly. If you are a source of inspiration yourself and then you take what you’ve learned and apply it to your own target market or audience, you can in turn help them feel feel seen, educated and inspired. In your current work, how do you inspire now? What do you offer that is potentially life-changing in the type of work that you do? We all have amazing stories of inspiration, of trial and error and of hardships we’ve overcome. Does this messaging fit in with your audience and what they’d like to hear? Lead with relatability, and watch who you inspire.


3. Entertain.

Learning something is one thing, but if what you are offering has no life behind it, people aren’t going to be excited to spread the word. When you are offering a service, make sure it’s representative of you. Whether it’s video content or social posts, infuse them with life and carry the kind of messaging that makes you laugh, makes you feel inspired and leaves you (and them) wanting more. Are you constantly a goofball in real life, but the moment you make a social media video, you lose all your flare? Are you stiff when you speak? Think about when you are the most relaxed, funny or unscripted. Can you infuse these traits into what you are offering so that it feels natural, fun and real?

At the end of the day, authenticity usually helps you teach something, share something and entertain in a way that is organic and true to you. When you stop trying so hard, amazing things can happen. Businesses thrive. Numbers are hit. And the best part?
You have FUN creating the type of packages, content or sales funnels that leave you feeling good about your audience, your business and yourself.

It all starts with intention.

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