I was in a yoga class the other day, skin sweaty, muscles loose, head clear and focused, body firmly planted into my downward dog. As the instructor guided us through Sun Salutation A, she paused and she said:

“You know, the grass is always greener…”

In my head, I finished her sentence. It’s the one we all know.

But, alas, I was wrong.

(It’s okay to be wrong.)

She finished by saying: “…when you water it.”

Huh? Wait a second. I had never thought about it that way…

It was there, in my upside down-V, blood rushing to my head and pumping through my veins, that I had a powerful shift in perspective.

We live in a comparative society where “Keeping Up With the Joneses” is no longer a proverbial irony, but our consistent way of being. It’s everywhere we turn: commercials, magazines, movies, social media, even our colleagues, closest friends and families can evoke feelings of defeated comparison. We’re constantly faced with the questions of: “Am I far enough along?” “Am I there yet?” “If I only had THAT ONE THING, then I’d be where I want to be, have what I want to have, look how I want to look.” Someone’s always got more money, a faster-moving career, a bigger house, a cuter outfit, a cooler vacation, a better body and more followers on Instagram.

All of this consumption and inundation of content and information that is most of the time there to inspire us, can sometimes leave us feeling inferior, un-fabulous, kinda lame or worse…

Anybody else with me?

So back to that patch of grass. You know, the one you were born with. That glorious, gorgeous, absolutely perfect slot of Life’s land that God/the Universe/insert-whatever-greater-power-you-believe-in gave you. The one you are blessed to have. Yeah, that one. Guess what: it’s YOURS. It doesn’t belong to anyone else.

So, before you get to watering it (AKA: loving it, nurturing it, PAYING ATTENTION TO IT, being grateful for it), take a second and ask yourself:

Where, when and how often are you comparing yourself to others?

Is there a particular person or group that consistently triggers you?

Do you spend more time comparing and less time “watering”?

How would you feel if you put all your energy into focusing on your own journey, your own business, your own experience?

Sit with your answers. Then come up with a phrase or a word that you can use every time you catch yourself comparing. Be gentle here. (Some use the tactic of placing a rubber band around their wrist and snapping it every time they compare. Personally, I think that’s a little harsh.)

Some good examples of words and phrases could be:


“Own It.”

“Y.A.B.” (You are beautiful.)

“Simply Be.”

Mine is clearly the title of this blog.

Let me know what YOU come up with in the comments below (I promise I’ll respond to each and every one) and let’s get to watering.

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