A Fest

I have found "my people."

Some might call them freaks.

Some might call them weirdos.

Some might call them modern day Buddhas.

Some might call them light workers.

Some might even call them the future.

On paper, they are a collection of fire dancers, cyber-security experts, hotel operators, sex therapists, motivational speakers, real estate developers, New York Times best-selling authors, car dealers, Olympic athletes, yoga teachers, shamans, world record breakers, tee-shirt designers, CEOs and life coaches.

But what we all have in common is this:

An intrinsic desire to deeply connect, a burning yearning to make the world a better place, a drive to create companies that serve humanity and an endless, effortless capacity to love.

No, this isn’t Utopia. 

This is A-Fest - a four-day international conference for global change-agents who come together twice a year to play, to party, to educate, to inspire and to be inspired.

I just returned yesterday from Montego Bay, Jamaica after my very first A-Fest experience, and I now have a new definition of the word “tribe.”

By definition, the word “tribe” means:

Any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.

By my definition, it means:

Being amongst people who operate with radical inclusion and complete celebration of one another’s full self-expression.

Which brings me to tonight.

Here in Chicago, I am a part of a different kind of tribe. A tribe filled with incredible women entrepreneurs and creatives. Some of us do vastly different things. Some of us overlap in industry. It doesn’t matter. We support each other’s every move, not just in words, but in action: in sharing, liking, promoting, commenting, forwarding, referring, praising, inviting, advising, tweaking, partnering, get the picture.

As a personal branding expert, I inherently believe there is no such thing as competition. At the risk of sounding cheesy, everyone’s a snowflake, and until they master cloning, no one can be you. (Let’s clap for that, please.)

In tonight’s case, I really want to talk about women.

The thing we women especially seem to forget is that there is enough to go around. Enough seats on the train, enough air to breathe, enough money in the bank, enough followers on Instagram, enough success to achieve.

Another woman’s success does not take away from yours. It only enhances it.

But there’s a caveat.

You have to act. You have to give. Screw the “mindset” and instead make it your mission to get off your ass and walk your walk. Be who you want to be. Stand how you want to stand. No one else will do the work for you, or attract the right people into your life.

For me, success isn’t a solo venture. I have created a tribe of powerful, creative, entrepreneurial women here in Chicago who all help in the achievement of both personal and professional goals.

In the last month, I launched my personal platform,, and I tapped my tribe to help spread the love. I received thousands and thousands of new people to my website in a single day because of them.

Yes, I sent out an email blast, posted on all my social channels, paid for some boosts, and did “all the things” you do. But there is no way I could have received all that traction without the support of my tribe. Yep, all it took was ten women to create an impact of thousands.

I call this Tribe Marketing, and it’s a real thing.

I was so moved by what happened to me, I am hosting a dinner party TONIGHT (November 15th) at my house, with my extended tribe—about 40 of Chicago’s most powerful and KIND women—to expand on this conversation. I am calling it “The Power of the Tribe.”

And you are all invited.

We’re serving food from my co-host and fellow tribe member Kendra Peterson’s new cookbook, doing mini-interview recordings with Amanda Bolyen from the She Did it Her Way podcast, engaging in a welcoming prayer and meditation with wellness guru Lizzi Cutler, and live streaming it all on Instagram…Make sure you’re following me there so you can tune in and catch the whole thing from 6:30-9pm!

I hope you’ll virtually join us as we forget the competition, and instead embrace how we uplift, inspire, and help one another.

SimplyBe Launch Party

Interested in building your own Tribe? You don’t have to fly to Jamaica to discover yours, or host a dinner party with dozens of people to connect with one.

You can start right where you are, right now:

Identify your target.

While you might have been busy sizing up your competition, don’t forget that people who do what you do get what you’re going through, the struggles you face, and are often great mentors and allies.

Get inspired.

You are the company you keep, and if you’re surrounding yourself with kickass women who truly walk their talk, you are on your way to success. Take inventory of the people in your life and the things you say. Are you constantly complaining about co-workers and friends? If so, put more energy into building a crew that makes you excited to be around.

Show up.

Though it’s great to build a digital base of like-minded people, putting effort into showing up in person to celebrate each other and your successes solidifies, bonds, and connects you to a real community—not just a virtual one.

Whether you have a group (or just want one), stay active in your approach, take mindful inventory of who you surround yourself with, and get out into the world.

Let your freak flag fry.

Open your heart to receive.

Hug people, don’t handshake them.

Identify how you can fully bring LOVE to every person you meet.

Say yes to the unknown.

Share your gifts.

Share your admiration. 

Your Tribe is waiting.

See you tonight. 


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