2018 is underway, and there are a handful of things from 2017 I am ready to leave behind.

Like what you might ask?

Here goes:

  • We are addicted to our phones. (How many hours have you lost from the scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll?)
  • We are slaves to our emails. (Email inundation seems worse than ever, ammiright?)
  • We are voyeurs to other people’s lives and blind to our own. (The comparison game is REAL, y’all.)
  • We crave connection, but we never leave our houses. (Why venture out into the cold when you can watch it all on Instagram Stories?)

And that's why I am deeming 2018 The Year of Experiences. The year where we all agree it's time to finally commit to getting out of our own shell and experience things, people, connection, community and most of all, ourselves,  in the real world.

But before you head out into the “real world” - I would ask yourself:

When I show up, how can I make the most of it?

How can I leave a remarkable impression on every single person I meet?

How can I put my best foot forward so that people genuinely want to work with me?

How can I be the person that I know am in public... and have everyone else see it... without question?

The answer to all these questions may seem like common sense. You may think you even already know how to do it, too.

But the answer is that you need to up-level your personal brand.

It means you need to know what to say, how to say it, and how to ensure people remember it.

If you want to see accelerated growth in your business (and your life), you need more experiences. And MOST importantly of all, when you show up to these experiences, you need to have your authentic personal brand ready to go.

Most people don't have the tools, the support, the community, and the permission to say YES to themselves, to leap and step out into the world with a clear message and a powerful purpose.

Well, it's here.


This week, I am opening up my first public live workshop to everyone. It's an in-person, full-day workshop on Friday, January 26th and space is extremely limited. These are the workshops I have brought to corporate brands for five figures a day. I know most solopreneurs and employees of companies don’t get this level of training and self development, so I'm making it available for the first time ever, at a fraction of the cost of $499.

Another workshop, you say. But what’s really in it for me?

In a word? Everything.

Building a personal brand doesn't exist behind your computer. It grows, expands, and becomes when you get out there and "show up for the world" in a BIG way. When you say YES to yourself and yes to the unknown.

If you don’t, then 2018 is the year you'll be left behind.

Think about any business meeting you’ve ever taken. The connection you make in person is 100 times more meaningful, impactful, and lucrative than the one you make on the phone or over email.

Think about any party you’ve ever been invited to. You could sit at home and watch the behind-the-scenes on Instagram Stories, or, you could get off your bum, put on your best party dress, and go make the connections that could open the doors to your next business venture...or circle of friends.

Think about the stranger who sits next to you on an airplane, the person in yoga, or waiting in line behind you. We are all connected, we all have potential, and we are all open to opportunity when we simply show up as our true selves.

This makes knowing, understanding, and mastering how YOU show up in real life, in the flesh, as yourself, more important than ever before. (Which is what this workshop is all about.)

At SimplyBe, 2018 is the year of high-touch experiences. Hence, my upcoming mastermind retreats. And for those who are not able to hop a plane and circle the globe, you're in luck. I'm bringing full-day intensive Personal Branding Workshops to Chicago every few months, and the first one is a few weeks away.

If you're looking for your strong personal brand to help you broaden your reach and impact, become an authority in your field, and clarify what you’re offering to potential clients, and how you’re uniquely positioned among your peers, then this workshop is perfect for you.

Here's why.

I know you're struggling with things like:

  • Promoting yourself without sounding vain or full of yourself
  • The time it takes to constantly create content and being a slave to your computer
  • Pinpointing EXACTLY what your message is and how to build a business and brand around it
  • How to create a strategy for your personal brand that’s easy and seamless to execute
  • Clarifying your perception, because you fear people don’t really know what you DO
  • Establishing a cohesive platform that unites your many different skills and experiences so you can make money doing precisely what you love.

During this full-day intensive workshop, you'll receive training on:

  • What a personal brand really is and what it is really NOT
  • How to define your "super power solution" and how to clearly define your value to your ideal customers
  • The ten sure-fire ways to build an authentic, organic social media audience
  • How to build your products and offerings in a way that are in alignment to your brand value and message
  • How to use your clothes and physical style to make an unforgettable impression everywhere you go
  • How to refine your personal brand "elevator pitch"
  • The Must-Know 2018 Social Media Trends and Best Practices for Blogging, Email Marketing, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • How to build an effortless content calendar that helps you build consistency and authority
  • How to pitch yourself as a thought leader to podcasts, conferences, and digital magazines
  • And SO much more...

After a full day together, I am confident you will walk away equipped with:

  • A better sense of process and a clearer definition of your personal brand
  • A roadmap for execution, more tools in your arsenal, and a group to share successes and failures with through the process
  • A "toolbox" to use to evaluate the material you develop and a concrete idea of what your brand is
  • Next steps and a different perspective so that you can make good branding decisions on the fly

Ready to get PERSONAL in 2018?

Put your money where your mouth is and buy tickets NOW. (These will go fast.)  Because once you have the tools, you are equipped to do business, make money, and put your best foot forward—literally.

Don’t waver.

Don’t think about it.

Give yourself this gift.

Make the investment in yourself and show up - for real - in 2018.